Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Panties for Men?

Do they make panties just for men, you bet they do, and you can get them on EBAY. There are lots of sellers on EBAY sellers that cater to men who like to feel their feminine side. Just do a sissy search or a crossdresser search on EBAY and see what you come up with.

Take for instance Magicmerchandise which describe their wares as"A Touch of Magic for your Sissy Panties Beautiful Custom Designs Alterations and Handmade Lingerie to Please your Every Desire." They have all sorts of custom panties for just about anything you want from thongs to briefs, just remember the items shown were up for bid at the time of the post. But these sellers have an on going business so they list these items all the time. Some of the items at this store.......

It looks like these are a custom made pair ^

Holy cow, will you look at these. Dose the word Strap-on come to mind?

And these look like it would keep "Mr Happy" very
pleased all day long

well just a quick post, more later tonight